• Sulphites & Organics

    Sulphites & Organics

    By Trudy Sheild

    As a winemaker I get asked lots of curly questions about wine! Two of the most common are, do your wines contain sulphites and are your wines organic?   Yes! There are sulphites in our wines! The term sulphite covers...

  • Bottle of Pinot Meunier Rosé lying in a bed of daisy flowers.

    The Quiet Workhorse

    By Trudy Sheild

    Pronounced 'pee-no moo-nee-yay'.  Our Rosé is proudly 100% Pinot Meunier and though Rosé needs no introduction, Pinot Meunier likely does. Meunier is French for miller (as in someone who grinds grain into flour) and taken from the downy, floury appearance...

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