Bottle of Pinot Meunier Rosé lying in a bed of daisy flowers.

By Trudy Sheild

The Quiet Workhorse

Pronounced 'pee-no moo-nee-yay'. 

Our Rosé is proudly 100% Pinot Meunier and though Rosé needs no introduction, Pinot Meunier likely does.

Meunier is French for miller (as in someone who grinds grain into flour) and taken from the downy, floury appearance of the underside of the vine's leaves. As also implied, Meunier is part of the Pinot family and is a black wine grape variety that is most noted for its use in Champagne blends.

It has historically received less acclaim than what are thought to be the more noble blend partners - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Until recent times it has been a quiet workhorse occupying almost half of the vineyards of Champagne, and a good insurance against poor vintages as it buds late, ripens early and is more accepting of the cooler mesoclimates in Champagne's northern valleys.

The deep blue, oval berries are high in acidity, low in tannin and full of sweet fruit flavours such as pomegranate, melon and citrus that bring a fleshy acidity and intensity of flavour to Champagne blends. These same characters lend Meunier perfectly to create a standalone Rose that is further characterised by its pale pink colour and subtle yet curiously smoky notes.

Our 2022 offering flings in delicate floral aromas and cool watermelon that is underpinned by the quiet strength of this varietal.


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